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Session Goals

The Fast Track to Fit

Crossfit Rowing Machines

Program Goals

Strength, Stamina & Fullfilment 

Everyone's Goals are deeply personal and revolve around the individual's desires, aspirations, and potential. At DB Fitness we believe every person deserves to achieve their goals because we are all worthy of success and happiness. Recognizing their own worth enables individuals to overcome obstacles, push beyond their comfort zones, and unlock their full potential.

Remember, you are worth it, and your goals are within your reach.

Examples of goals we can work on:

Losing Weight

Toning Muscles 

Building Muscle Size

Increasing Energy 

Sport Specific Training

Speed and Agility Training

Looking and Feeling your Best

Every one of my personal fitness training programs includes

One on One Personal Training Sessions with myself

Goal orientated Strength and Cardio Program

Ongoing Fitness Assessments to track your progress from Heart rate to Muscle size and weight goals

Nutritional Guidance to maximize your training results

Virtual online coaching if required or preferred. 

Flexibility Training

A Healthier You

Whether it’s losing weight or trimming and toning, my program will improve your health and have you feeling great. Working on Flexibility and proper stretching techniques will ensure a better you. You'll see an improvement in your performance in no time with faster recovery rate and a better range of motion to complete activities. 

Sporty Woman Stretching
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